Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Gamer's block
I really love playing a couple of MMOs - World of Warcraft, and then an wee game called A Tale in the Desert. I've played WoW for oh, like a year and a half, and I'm sure hardcore players would label me as quite casual. The thing is, I haven't played for a couple months and I am sure my guild wonders what happened to me. My main character is a level 54 night elf druid. I know! A full year and a half and she's only level 54 (max is 60). Oh well, I like soloing, and I like quests, and so far I haven't quite gotten into a raid group I love that much. The game changed at around 50, to being more focused on large groups, etc. I miss my friends there and should log back in to check on them all.

And, a Tale in the Desert. Love the game. Am not sure I like some of the politics that go on there. Like, if you're logging in for fun, and want to escape reality, its not that great to then be met by new politics. Anyway, I haven't logged in there for a couple weeks. Also miss the peeps in the game.

The block might be because of this itty game called "Fish Tycoon." Yeah, its a free download from Yahoo. Hmm. Find the 7 magical fish, seemed "easy" enough. But see, you start with like 5 fish and then have to breed and breed and breed to get the magical ones. After logging in for a couple weeks in a row after work, I only have 4. WTF? I've bought everything in the little store in the game for my tanks, and yet the last elusive fish are no longer a temptation. I logged out a couple nights ago, and haven't been back. The fish probably died, but oh well. Again, failing to see the point in a playing a game that's more of an irritant than fun. Shame on you Yahoo, and shame on me for getting hooked.

I'm gonna go read my book by the pool and celebrate the 4th of July. Then its off to eat a hamburger and watch some fireworks, because hey! nothing says freedom like beef and pyrotechnics.


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