Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Blue Dolphins everywhere

I've been noticing, as I drive around, that a whole lot of people have these blue dolphins hanging from their rear view mirrors. All sorts of different cars, all sorts of different people. I knew I was missing out on some trend because I see them everywhere.

A quick search lead me to find out they are air fresheners, available on Ebay for $1.25. wwwoooohoo!

I gotta wonder about the odor situation going on in some people's cars ... that they need one of those gag-inducing air "fresheners." I'm all for the new car smell, and I'm all for freshness, believe me. But maybe open the windows and let things air out? Covering up bad scents with another more powerful "sweet" odor is never a good idea.


Blogger Erin said...

Umm, I have a blue dolphin in the back of my Xterra.....

I got it b/c I swim in the AM before work and go straight from swim practice to work. Then my wet swim gear sits in my hot truck. And it really doesn't smell all that great. But I can't exactly bring my wet suit and towel into the office and hang them in my cube to dry. So, I got my blue dolphin to hang in there as a way to mitigate the damp swim smell. I'm a swimmer so the dolphin makes sense. When that wore out, I kept it up and bought a shark to hang on the other side of the back cargo area.

Blogger Neomi said...

Yay! Erin is the first comment ever!

Maybe I came across too strong about the blue dolphin. I think at first, I was amazed that so many people had them, and thought I was missing out on a fad. And I am. I also thought they were cute, and wondered what they were made of.

My odor comment is more about boys (or anyone). who fart. in their car. and think that a sweet smell is covering up the toot smell. and they are wrong.

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