Thursday, July 13, 2006
Let's mix this up
A good blog (or even a mediocre one) needs its niche. So forget the really yucko first few posts, from now on I'm gonna write about things I like. Or know something about. So here goes.

Yes, its for real. And it got like 350 million page views in its first week out. The Bodygroom is sold out at and It's all about the optical inch, my friends.
*Oh and it won like the Gold Lion at Cannes, too. :P

The Hoff
I'm going to admit that this got passed around the office, and I only found these today. Seems like we've heard that the Hoff was such a hit singer in Germany for years, but I'd never heard him. Yeah, so the Hoff has a few videos over at You Tube that deserve a view:
Hooked on a Feeling - amazing green screen action!
Looking for Freedom Released in 1989, just a month before the fall of the Berlin Wall, this became an unoffical anthem for the Reunification of Germany.

Well now I've done it; an odd combo, but both are deeelicious.


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