Saturday, July 15, 2006
Send a book to the Gulf Coast
I found out about this today, via notMartha, and knew I had to pass it on:

The Dewey Donation System
This group does an annual book drive for libraries, and this year has chosen to support the areas effected by Hurricane Katrina.

Please give if you can.

unrelated ...

Last weekend I was driving in to the city, and saw a brush fire had started on the side of the road. I grabbed my cell phone and called 911. Which was BUSY. How does this happen? I tried several more times, but could not get through. Disturbing, to say the least.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I just donated a bunch of books to the library this weekend. Wish I had read this sooner - Patricksbride

Blogger Neomi said...

I have a bunch I donated to Goodwill here, too. I only sent one book to the Gulf Coast -- it was Martha Stewart's latest baking book. I heart Martha very much. I'm a stock holder and everything!!

Welcome Patricksbride, thank you for visiting :)

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