Sunday, July 16, 2006
Best Yogurt Ever

Best Yogurt
My friends turned me on to the Trader Joe'sGreek style honey yogurt. I bought it last weekend, and ate the container (it was small) for breakfast Monday & Tuesday. Very tastey, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I went back today and got two containers, and ate some right away when I got home. Also remarkable and delicious from TJ's are: Vanilla Gelato, Nuts about Raspberries, and the Sparkling Lemonade.

Acting 101
Now I'm getting ready for tomorrow, and for my "Neutral Scene" at my acting class. A Neutral Scene is one where you use words that can mean anything, but you have to create the story out of the backstory and the actions. The assignment was for each pair of partners to take the lines, and create characters and a scene from it. Sooo for example, our lines are (abbreviated version):

A: Well ...
B: Well, what?
A. Nothing
B. Okay .... Please ...

And so on. Anthony and I decided that we would act out a man, hitting on a woman in a bar. But then that didn't flow so well, so we created more history for our characters. The man and the woman just broke up, and they unexpectedly run in to one another at a bar, and end up accidentally spilling their drinks on each other. We'll see how it plays out. Should be interesting.


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Blogger Neomi said...

MMMmm. I had to look for a bit to find it. It's quite good.

And, Welcome Aidan :) Nice to meet you!

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