Thursday, June 14, 2007
I found your resume over LinkedIn
It was a normal, hectic Thursday. The Director of IT and I were working together to get a new hosting vendor on line for the site we launched a while back. We needed to move our video files over to the new servers so that we'd be ready for an onslaught of visitors we were expecting on Saturday. And, in the process, we'd run into a little glitch and needed to speak to our rep over at the vendor. Easy enough.

I decided that we should go back over to my desk and see if Nathan (the rep) had called, and if he had not, we'd call him back, together from there. Emilio and I get over to my desk and behold! the little "new message" light is on, so I have a message. We sit down and I tell Emilio "That must be Nathan, let's call and see what message he left."

I turn on the speakerphone, dial in to the voicemail, and get into the message.

"Hi, Neomi, this is Lori, and I found your resume on LinkedIn. I'm calling to see if you might be interested in a position as a Senior Project Manager for one of my clients. " At this point, I'm thinking, oh crap. I've got the Director of IT sitting next to me and he's just heard that a recruiter is calling me. This is not good. But yet I can't turn off the speakerphone. I'm strangely drawn to hear more...

"We'll need to talk about your salary expectations, and I think that you'll find that my client will be quite competitive. The company itself is," she pauses and giggles, "and they are an adult entertainment site. It's a progressive environment, with great benefits ..." and right then I just hit the fast forward and then the delete button. My heavens! I've been called by a recruiter, from an adult entertainment site, and I've managed to take the call with another person listening in. How do I do this kind of thing?

I turn to Emilio and say "I'm so embarrased, first that you heard a recruiter calling me, and second that they were calling from an porn site. I don't even know what to say."

And Emilio says, "What, you're not going to call them back?!?"

Fast forward to the next day, when I'm still thinking that some crazy porn site tried to recruit me, and since a director heard the call, the news is probably all the way back to the senior management team by now. I run into my good friend Russel at a bus stop. And Russel says, "Hey, I heard that you got a job offer yesterday from Congrats!"

And I look at him like he's crazy, and then I get it. This was a prank!! Russell knows about it! And, he works at the company I used to work at, and one of the women there loves to do crank calls. Of course!

It took several days for me to really piece the story together, but it turns out that Jenny called me on her last day at that company (she'd already given notice and accepted another job), and she made the call at a big project manager meeting. They all listened in! They all thought it was hilarious, and when they found out I'd taken the voicemail in front of someone at work, they all laughed even harder.

Now, how do I tell Emilio that that was all a prank call?

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Anonymous Neomi said...

hi just wanted to say that I'm glad to "meet" another Neomi, you know as opposed to a Naomi (or Noemi)

--Neomi R.

Blogger Erin said...

Tag - you're it!

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