Sunday, August 20, 2006
Tag! You're It
I've been thinking about some of the great advertising taglines that use the word "It." Often, the brand uses the word "it" in a clever way, and you get a nice subtext of "it" being the brand itself, and an allusion to "it" being whatever you want in life. Sooo my really nice list:

1. Is it in you? (Gatorade, 2006)
2. You can get it on Ebay. (Ebay, 2005)
3. Make it Real (Coca-Cola, 2004)
4. I'm lovin' it (McDonald's, 2002)
5. Just do it. (Nike, 1988)
6. It's everywhere you want to be (Visa, 1985)
7. Coke is it! (Coca-Cola, 1982)
8. It's the Real Thing (Coca-Cola, 1942, 1970)

You got more? Send 'em in :)


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