Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Pending Approval
My most recent project at work is launching tomorrow. Right now, at 10:13pm I'm logged in and waiting for a vendor to finish some of the MD5 validation code, and finish up the site. Unfortunately, this vendor has waited 'til the last moment to address some critical bugs. Yay! What a fun couple of days! And Yay! all of the project managers were standing there when I was being very direct and unwavering on the phone with the lead tech person at said vendor. And yes, I could feel myself blush because I don't like to be loud or fearsome on the phone, but c'mon! We've got less than 24 hours til launch!!

It harkens back to the early, heady days of the 'net. When I worked at Quokka Sports (now defunct so perfectly safe to mention) and I'd get an anxious producer calling me, wanting to update the front page with some breaking sports news either very late or very early. I'd hop on the computer, fire up the dialup connection, get the old HTML editor (Homesite was my software of choice) going and update away. Sometimes I'd need to pull in some assistance and see if there was someone else on IM who'd help. Then we'd push those changes and email everyone and there would be much cheering. The internet seemed so simple then, back in '00. *sigh*


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