Sunday, September 24, 2006
Improv and retreat
I've been working on a couple of "extra-curricular" activities: I'm taking an improv class, and helping plan a retreat. Both are fun :) and both are great for keeping me busy and meeting and interacting with different groups of people.

Last quarter (?! are we on quarters?) I took an acting class, and that was very cool. I liked having something to look forward to one night a week after work. This time around I'm taking Improv, and its interesting. Much more interactive, and imaginative than the ACT 1 class. We are usually up on our feet and doing a game or something the entire three hours. The time flies by, and its challenging and fascinating. I like that it completely eleviated all the stress I had from work the first time I went. It was like group therapy or something.

So, I'm on this team that is planning a day-long retreat for San Damiano Retreat Center. Our theme this time around is "change" and the day is intended for "young adults" which quite broadly spans ages 18-40. I think that's a bid wide, but we didn't define that age group ourselves. The last meeting before our retreat (in October) was today, at my apartment. It was funny to cram 10 people into the 891 square feet of my place. But, we did OK. And we have everything all done :)


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