Wednesday, March 12, 2008
And in today's bag of tricks
In an earlier post I mentioned I was diagnosed with migraines. And since then it seems like I get them all the time. I've started down the road of trying so hard to figure out what causes them, how to treat them, what doctors to see, what questions to ask. I don't feel like I've gotten very far. And some days it feels like I'm actually going backwards with any progress.

So that's what today felt like. It sucked. I went to a neurologist for the second time. Let's say the first time, I didn't feel like we had any connection. He seems about 65 and like he's tied to some old school (not old skool) ideas. He likes to prescribe drugs and he likes to list out drug options. Great! I'm not a final exam in pharmacology, though.

Today I asked questions like "How do I narrow down what my triggers are?" because I'm not interested in taking that many drugs. He actually said two things that are retarded. Honest to goodness, old skool retarded. First he said "by your age, most people know what their triggers are" and "you can look up lists of triggers on the internet."

'scuse me?

There's a person sitting in front of you, sir, and they just asked a question. You are the doctor. Maybe back in 1918 when you graduated, you didn't learn about answering questions. Or women weren't supposed to ask questions. Or, you're really a demi-god and mortals haven't asked you a question in a really long time.

And besides, everyone knows, the internet is for porn.

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