Tuesday, July 18, 2006
My new job

I started my new job just a month ago. I like it there, a lot. I get to work with funny people, creative people, and people who do not take their work too seriously. We work in advertising. I'm quite serious about what I do, in some ways, but realize that it is fleeting. These things that we create, they go live and are on the internet for 3 months, maybe a year; they may win awards, but ultimately these things are not lasting. From time to time there is a campaign that has staying power, or a tagline that becomes familiar, or an ad that makes its way in to pop culture. That is part of the fun, along with creating things for a living.

So the not so serious part of the job...we have a delightful whoopie cushion that gets 'passed' around the office. Little did you know, dear reader, that there is new technology in the whoopie cushion field. No longer do you have to blow the cushion up... some are now self-inflating.

Yesterday, our favorite green whoopie cushion was sitting on a table as we were having a conference call. It's hard to avoid the urge to squish the little thing, and no sooner had we introduced ourselves on the call, had one co-worker "squeezed the turkey" (as we say in my family) right near the phone. We had to put ourselves on mute because it was all too horrifying. And we had to laugh. Luckily it was only an internal call.

And to be an actor...
Our class went OK last night. I say OK because we had a sub. Lo, she was erudite and critical! See how she has taught at world renowned universities! Be awed by her technical background and long list of credentials! Shiver in terror as she criticizes your neutral scene and tells you to do it again next week in front of the regular teacher! And, be amazed by the short student who refuses the request, and insists upon a "re-do!"

In brief, I can't wait for our regularly scheduled professor to be back. He's much more approachable, tactful, and endearing.


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