Friday, August 11, 2006
Reasonably Fashionable
Recently, I've been attempting to update my wardrobe. It's funny, at my new office, lots of people seem to be sporting something from the G-Star line. Very edgy, very urban. And everyone seems to have a very unique, cool T-shirt. I like it, but I'm a little more preppy than that. The previously Talbots & Anne Taylor LOFT dominated look needs a bit of upgrading to really fit in with my new hipster office.

Here's one of the problems ... I'm short. Most people reading know this, but seriously, at 4'10" I have to wear petites. I used to shop at Gap, Old Navy, and other mainstream places, but then I realized that lots of that stuff just doesn't fit, since most size models probably come in around 5'6" or taller for "regular" women's sizes.

One of the truly baffling things to me is the new "high end denim" like Citizens of Humanity, Diesel, Paige, Joe's, Jag, Juicy, Lucky, True Religion, Miss Sixty... I'm aware that they are fashionable, but totally confused by them. The fad reminds me of Guess in the 80s, only Guess was around $50-$80, when this new wave of jeans is hovering around $200. I've also seen Jag, True Religion and Miss Sixty at Loehmann's, but have no idea if these are "cool" or if the styles are recent. The prices at Loehmann's are closer to $70, so the price is good, but I'd fear I'd end up being the girl that bought a brand that is decidedly "not cool," and just a knock off. For some reason I think Joe's and Citizens of Humanity are the "cool" brands. But, like I said, no clue.

If anyone has advice on what is cool and what is not, and what might fit a short girl ... please ... I welcome the comments :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot relate to the short problem, but I have my own set of worries finding jeans. My business wardrobe was fine, but I have not owned a pair of jeans that fit properly EVER. I went on a quest. I tried on 72 pairs of jeans - no lie - and ended up with Lucky jeans that were about $100. I did not want to spend that much, but I was determined to have jeans that fit. Three months later, I am not disappointed. -Patricksbride

Blogger Neomi said...

I tried on a whole bunch of jeans on Friday & Saturday. No 72 pairs, but, what I came out of there with was FCUK (French Connection). They fit pretty good. I'm gonna have to hem them, but I like them. Part of my more recent issue is that long long pants are hip around here, and most of mine don't seem to be long enough. Hilarious since I have to cut them all off to fit me ... I could have them as long as I want them.

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