Monday, August 14, 2006
It's a Wrap
My 10 week acting class ended tonight. I really enjoyed taking it, and I think I'll sign up for the next session, which starts in September. What was cool was that my scene partner and I ended up doing really well in our final scene together. We'd practiced so much, and it showed. We did a scene from "Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" by Shanley. It's not an easy one because there is very little action, most of the intensity comes from the dialogue, and from the two very emotional and focused characters. In the end, it seems they both really want the same thing. But its how they arrive at that, and how connected the actors have to be, that makes it hard.

It's interesting learning a little about technique in the class. This is so very different from High School drama, where you're lucky if you know where to stand and if everyone has memorized lines. Once you understand the depth of the "5 Questions" (as my professor calls them), you can really start to get in to the character. The way we are learning is about motivation, and what the character wants, both in a scene and throughout a play.

Funny, too, how the last night of class, one man brough "graduation gifts" for everyone -- truffles in pretty boxes. We all hugged and cheered, and then all got in the elevator together, like it was the last day of summer school or something. It's nice to find that community and genuine enjoyment from hanging out with a group of people. Nice that all these people just wanted to take a class out of passion and interest in a topic. And, pretty cool that a lot of them will be back for the next session.


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