Wednesday, August 16, 2006
No, I don't get to Monterrey often
So, going along with the dating site ... it does seem that there are a few "trolls" on the site. People who are probably assuming, if they just run the odds, and send out enough emails, they will "get lucky" and find someone to hang out with them.

I've run in to at least one of these. We've sending notes within the dating site itself (no personal email addresses are exchanged, the site stores all the mail). Most of his emails are very brief, no capitalization, no punctuation, just lots of ... and another thought. I do the three periods myself, so I certainly can't complain about it. But, in each of these emails I've gotten, the guy asks if I get to Monterrey often, since that is where he lives. The first time I told him, no, but my friend used to live there and I like the area. The second time I told him no, I don't, but I like it there. Now, I just don't want to write him back. He clearly doesn't take the time to read old emails or retain info about the people he's communicating with. I can't say that makes me confident that he'd be an attentive boyfriend. or friend.

The other troll -- I can't decide if he's an official manipulator, or just not tech savvy. So, we're also sending messages to each other through the site. This person doesn't have a photo posted. In his profile, he says he'll share a photo if asked. OK, well, I have my own photo posted, so he knows what I look like. After a couple of messages, I figure I'd like to know what he looks like. So I ask for a picture. His response is that he can't attach a photo to the site email, so if I'll give him my real email address, he will send some photos as an attachment. So ... *dude*. There are sites that host pictures for free. Like Photobucket. You post a photo, and you send the nice girl a link. You don't ask for my email, which gives you my real name, under the pretense that sending an attachment is the only way to share your photo. I was not born under a rock. So, that makes me not want to respond to him either.

It's funny to me, that these simple things make me distrustful of the person. But, really, I do think guy #1 is a scammer. Guy #2? Might just not understand the internets all that well. But I think I need to know someone is a little resourceful and can figure things out on his own.


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