Thursday, March 20, 2008
Small Victories
Last week, when I was having all the issues with migraines, my doctor agreed to refer me to a second neurologist. We talked a little about how I didn't feel that neurologist #1 was a good fit for me. He wanted to recommend drugs, daily drugs. I don't like that. From the way I see things, I'd like to tackle other things first. Stuff like lifestyle items, figuring out what my triggers are, and working on a plan to understand what is going on with me. But this guy wanted to prescribe drugs.

So my small victory today was that the receptionist for neurologist #2 called today schedule an appointment. I really thought it would be more of a hassle. But nope. Things worked like they should. It's always such a relief when that happens.

Now I don't know that much about #2. (and I'm sure he doesn't know that he just received such an awesome nickname from me). But I do know that people like him on yelp. I know that he his written books about migraines and headaches. And he's an older dude. He's a migraine expert. That's got to be good for something.

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