Saturday, July 22, 2006
Project 2996
I came across Project 2996 today. It's a blog, and the idea is to have 2,996 bloggers sign up to give tribute to the 2,996 people that died due to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. If you want to participate, you are randomly assigned a victim to honor.

I was given Christian Hans Rudolf Wemmers, of San Francisco. My eyes welled with tears when I got the actual name, and found he was someone who lived in my city. I did a little research about him, and his office was blocks from where I now work. I will go over there on Monday to take a picture of the building.

Now the hard part is to make a tribute to this man, a man I don't know. I guess my plan is to do some research, and find out what I can. I know he was a Phi Delt in Florida, and he liked to play foozball with co-workers. He liked hiking. He went to international business school in Michigan. He was at a conference at the world trade center, on the 106th floor, that fateful day.

I have a couple months to come up with something. I think it will be photographs of things I love here, and maybe depending on costs, I will donate something ... a foozball table, perhaps, to children? I don't know, and my hope is that as I learn more about the life of Chris, I will stumble upon the answer.


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