Saturday, July 29, 2006
A first date
Friday night date
Last night, I had a date with someone I met on the aforementioned internet dating site. He was charming, funny, very smart, and very much the gentleman. We met at the Apple store, mostly to determine from the get-go if either of us was an "axe-murderer." Once we'd passed that test, we moved on to dinner at an Italian place. There was a wait, so we walked around the block and chatted. It's funny when you first meet someone, and don't know all the right things to say. Or even the most interesting things to say. Somehow I ended up mentioning that some guys on the dating site like to list that their best feature is their butt (who does this? who even lists a best feature? its so weird). I also mentioned that I am fascinated by the link to "report a concern" to the site about someone there. The "report a concern" idea became a running joke for our evening, whenever either of us said something odd, the other would say "report a concern." Like when I said I'd wink at the female hostess to get us seated at the restaurant faster ....

Dinner went well. He had a favorite thing on the menu, and I really appreciate that he picked a place he knew, and that he knows what he wants. We talked easily enough together. He works in the gaming industry, so right away we had things to discuss. He told me about an idea he had for a short story, which involved both religion and robots, so of course I loved it. We shared creme brulee, and it was quite yummy.

I went over to his apartment afterwards to watch Hedwig. Now, this isn't a movie I'd seen before, but there were drag queens, and good songs, and a great story. I love drag queens, and I admire a man who can enjoy them. There's also a substory of Rent in the movie, and he hadn't seen that, so I think we might rent Rent next weekend. Anyway, he at one point said he thought it was a weird first date movie, but I loved it.

After I got home, I turned on IM just to tell him thank you for the nice time. We chatted for like an hour. It was so nice to be out, with someone new, and someone who was cerebral and funny, respectful, and yet still somewhat mysterious. It will be so interesting to see what happens.


Blogger Erin said...

Yay Paula!

On the guys listing butts as they're best asset (pun intended) - we had a friend in college who actually referred to his ass as "Perfect Ten." None of us could let this go w/out full on mockery, so eventually this guy went from being known as "Frank" (his name) to "PT" (for Perfect Ten).

Anyways, sounds like you guys have a lot in common and had a good time :)

Blogger Neomi said...

OK that was weird, somehow I deleted my own comment.

Thanks Erin :) That Perfect 10 ass is quite amusing.

My friends and I used to yell "hot buns" at one another from our windows as we saw someone coming back to the dorms after class. Sometimes the person down in the parking lot would then do a dance for us. Or, sometimes we'd yell it at passers-by and then duck. (ok maybe that was just me).

We had a friend, named "PCO" because he liked to sarcastically correct everyone for not being politically correct. He became the Political Corrections Officer. Real name Dave, but we still refer to this person as "The PCO."

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