Sunday, September 28, 2008
My dishes: revamped
My everyday dishes are Crate & Barrel's "Capri" pattern circa 2000. I do love them. Yellow is my favorite color, I love the high-light of blue, I love that it's a simple. Sadly, Crate & Barrel discontinued this pattern oh, 5 years ago so nothing can be replaced, and after 8 years, things are beginning to chip and break and need to be thrown out.

Crate & Barrel's Capri:

My idea to keep these beauts in rotation, and get the most mileage out of them that I can, was to find a complimentary pattern somewhere and then just go with two sets for a bit. Mix 'n match. Finding the perfect new pattern was proving difficult. I knew it needed to have blue and white. Imagine my surprise when I walked into Target and saw a gorgeous set ... with fleur de lis, blue, looking slightly Italian. Yay! I bought a set, and now we're mixing and matching.

Target's Medallion Dinnerware:

Mixing the two together!


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Blogger Terri said...

Thank you so much for this--I tried everywhere to replace my casual pattern (capri) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! this idea--thanks again

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Genius. Came across this post looking for replacement Capri, left with a great idea!

Blogger AE said...

I am letting go of my Capri dishes if anyone is interested in buying the "perfect" pieces I have left. Will do an inventory if you are interested!

Blogger granmajo said...

I am looking to buy more pieces of the blue and white catalina dishes. If you know where I can find any -please let me know.
email me at jolene1092@gmail,com
I do love your idea of mixing the blue and the yellow together!

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