Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Some High Fructose Corn Syrup Facts
Since HFCS is one of my migraine triggers, I often find myself doing research on the topic. I found this article today on How to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup:

- "Be wary of the words "natural" or "organic" on labels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn't regulate the use of the word "natural". Foods and beverages can be labeled as "natural" even though they contain high fructose corn syrup. The word "organic" is heavily regulated, but unless you are familiar with the following differences, check the ingredients list to make sure."

- "Only foods labeled as 100% organic can be assumed to be HFCS-free. Theoretically, a product labeled USDA 100% organic could contain HFCS if the HFCS itself was 100% organic, but no such product is currently available because the processing aids used in making HFCS are not organic. While there is organic HFCS available it is not 100% organic and therefore cannot be included in a product that is labeled 100% organic."

-" Buy soft drinks from across the border. If you must have your fix of certain soda brands and you happen to live near Canada or Mexico, look into buying in bulk from those countries, which use sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup" - my boyfriend swears that Coke from Mexico tastes better, and I think that is why.

- "Try to avoid energy drinks as 90% of them have high fructose corn syrup."

These were just some of the items I hadn't seen in print before. I had noticed on a bottle of Coke at our favorite Taqueria that it had "normal" sugar and wondered if that was standard for imported sodas. Sounds like it is.

Interestingly, you need to check labels on things labeled "light" and "organic" too, I've seen "light" bread with HFCS in it, and organic items with it too. Lastly, I avoid all pre-mixed alcoholic drinks because they don't list ingredients on their packaging. I think its because alcohol is exempt from the same labeling standards as other foods. But if its sweet and mass produced, I avoid it.

Does anyone know the story on alcoholic mixed beverages? And have you found anywhere to look up ingredients in mass produced food, other than hitting individual manufacturers websites?

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