Saturday, September 27, 2008
A Shower for Cris
Our shower was today and it was quite nice. We rented out the Club House at my place, and had a few of Cris' family and friends over to celebrate! The theme, not really publicized, was "pink" - we kind of picked it because Cris is very feminine and it seems to match her personality and style. The hostesses served champagne when guests arrived, and then we took some time to check out the "Memory Tree."

The Memory Tree was something inspired by a post over at That Bride, but then I made it something special for Cris' shower. Before the shower, I emailed everyone and asked them to please send pictures of Cris, through the years. If they had a memory of Cris they wanted to share, I asked that they send that, too. What poured in was a set of amazing memories and photos. Some from her mother in law to be, some from friends, and lastly, her own mother was kind enough to pick out pictures from throughout Cris' childhood.

Next, I needed to find a branch from a real tree, and my friend Marc was kind enough to help out. After that, I color copied all of the original photos I got from people, and started printing out the digital ones. I glued each photo to a colorful (pink-centric) paper, and punched two holes in the top. Using purple, blue and pink ribbon, I made a hanger for each one. When each had a ribbon, I hung all of the photos on the tree, and it stood in the room with us for the shower.

It was kind of cool because it let us all check out fun pictures of Cris from throughout her life. People who didn't know her earlier in life could relive fun memories with us. And, we got to put some very funny photos up from college.

Lunch was salad, pinwheel sandwiches, and mini quiches. Matron of Honor, Lena, brought two games (purse scavenger hunt and "how well do you know Cris" trivia game), and they were good fun. Dessert was mini cupcakes from Sibby's (where Cris is getting her wedding cupcakes, too!), mini bite sized cheesecakes and home made chocolate chip cookies from her niece.

It was a nice afternoon, and a lovely way to celebrate with our bride to be!

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Blogger Jenna said...

Awww you took my kind of okay idea and turned it into something really awesome! Asking guests for photos was a really smart idea, as most of these are probably pictures the bride had never seen before. I will probably be using this idea for my own sisters bridal shower someday, now that you have revamped it into something awesome!

Blogger Neomi said...

Thanks Jenna! The guests seemed to really like it, everyone oohed and ahhed over some of the great pics. There's a stage 2 of this, which I'm keeping hush hush. But Cris will see all the pics again :)

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