Monday, November 10, 2008
Cris's Wedding Recap: Part One
By all accounts, it was simply a lovely day. Congrats to Cris and Steve on their marriage, and thank you for throwing such an amazing party - full of love and a lot of heart. Here's a mini recap.

Since I was a bridesmaid, one of our duties was making the rehearsal bouquet. We didn't have many bows at the shower (so weird), which is the traditional way of making a bouquet ... so I went ahead and fashioned something on my own. Here's the rehearsal bouquet, complete with "Bubba," the rooster that is the center piece. Cris seemed to love him, and he later made an appearance at the wedding, on the guest book table:


Our wedding day started early, at 8:45am for me. We went to the Salon ... and had Tania do our hair. She was a lot of fun and her great attitude really set a wonderful, upbeat tone for our day. Here's our bride getting hair done, flashing us the peace sign. Her hair didn't turn out quite this big ... I promise.

After we got our hair did, we hailed a cab and headed to the Hyatt at the Embarcadero. We had a suite there waiting, and ordered some mighty tasty room service. Let me document that for her wedding day lunch, our bride had a grilled cheese sandwich. I had a chicken sandwich.

We had some good tunes in the room, and here's a pic of me ... you get to see my hair, inspired by a photo found on That Bride's site (which was my first introduction to Jenna and her blogs, now I'm addicted). I don't know if I've mentioned my love of Boy George? This may be a first photo of me on my own blog ... hahaha, and I'm sure friends and family will agree that its an incredibly appropriate first shot. *kisses to The Boy*

You'll also notice the lovely brown dress, and pearl jewelry. Cris let us pick our own dresses, shoes and jewelry. The bridesmaids all agreed to wear pearls, and we all had brown shoes. Crazy amounts of coincidence.

After our Bride was ready to go, we were met by the Groom and grooms men, and we loaded ourselves and our stuff into a limo. Our bouquets were waiting, and so was some champagne. We headed out to have our first pictures taken, at the Palace of Fine Arts. It was beautiful - clear, a little cold, but lovely. We took a ton of group shots, and their photographer Jonathan was great fun, too. He kept us moving quickly, since we still had a lot of ground to cover.

I'll post about the wedding and reception in the next update :)



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