Monday, July 24, 2006
Still hot
We hit a Stage 2 power emergency today in California, and it's expected that we will have the same issues tomorrow. It's just been too hot, and there isn't enough power in the state to balance out the 110ish heat that is hitting the central valley.

What's interesting to me is that this all happened to us back in 2000-2001, and at that time we had rolling black outs. What a strange phenomenon. You had a grid block noted on your PG&E bill, and if we went to Stage 3, they announced rolling blackouts. They'd roll the power through the grid, giving each block a heads up that they would be next, before the blackout hit. What was amazing, personally, was that both at work and home that year, I lived in blocks that were immune. I worked next to a fire station, and lived across the street from a senior's home.

Politically, this is also interesting. Grey Davis got in a lot of trouble with constituents because of the power troubles back in "those days." I'd argue that was one of the main reasons he was kicked out of office. Six years later, Arnold has only added 6,774 megawatts to the power supply. Sure we lost some plants, and opened 12. But the net gain is negligible. Makes me wonder if the tide will turn on Arney.


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